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So now what happens to online poker?

It has been a while since we have posted anything and apologize for this. We have been waiting for some information about the legislation in different countries which kept being postponed.

Many places we see new online gaming legislations which is mostly good for the players. It means they have more protection against rogue sites and have an actual authority to complain to if they run into problems with a site.

I saw a case in Denmark, where a site refused to pay out money to a player because he had written a rude e-mail to support. So he had to apologize before they would pay out his money. He complained to the Danish Gaming Authority and his funds were paid out shortly after.

Also right now a company listed on the London Stock Exchange has closed its doors without informing anybody of anything. Players cannot get their money out, the Maltese Regulators are washing their hands and saying that since the license was terminated they cannot do anything.

And I think everybody know about the Full Tilt case.

So for sure it means that the players are a lot safer and the risk of loosing money because a site closes down has been greatly reduced. But of course it is not all benefits because there are fewer sites to choose from and that the promotions are worse because it is a lot more expensive for a site to get a license and operate in the different countries now.


In Spain it finally looks like they more or less have figured out how and when.  The first licenses should be given on the 1st of June. In Spain the setup will be similar to France, where players will then only be able to play against players in Spain. We will not be applying for a license, as it seems only the biggest sites will have enough traffic for it to be interesting to play.

Spanish players will still have access to their accounts after the 1st of June and will be able to withdraw their funds, so there is no rush to get your money out before.

After the 1st of June Spanish players will not be able to access the real money tables and will not be able to make deposits.

More players

Another change that we will see is that in June the traffic will double. This means more promotions and more and bigger tournaments. Further down the line we will also start changing promotions, so they will hopefully be more attractive to both cash and tournament players.

Rule change for nick names

In June you will no longer be able to change you nick name. So chose the one you would like to keep.

Team LiiPoker

We have said goodbye to all of our Team LiiPoker players. Since this team was aimed at Spain, it was decided that from the 1st of January (the initial launch date for the new Spanish Gaming legislation) we would no longer be sponsoring players.

We will still update the blog from time to time and Donk Alert will probably also make some entries, since he is not a sponsored pro, but a player trying to learn to play poker.

Facebook Freerolls

If you enter our Facebook page, you will be able to get information about more promotions, as some of them will only be announced on Facebook. Look out for the Facebook Freerolls.

Alert, alert! I have won a tournament!!!

So I have been playing plenty of tournaments lately and I have actually won one. I am not used to playing tournaments but I wanted to avoid the tilt so I have started playing tournaments instead of cash.

I played a 5000$ Guaranteed tournament and won a bit more than 1000$. I have mostly been playing tournaments with a buy-in of 5$-$20 and I have made it to the money in some of them. I am obviously no Phil Ivey but I am beginning to do well. From I started the tournament until the end I felt like I had an edge on all players and I was sure I was going to win. There was one hand where I was a bit lucky and sometimes you need luck. I am on the button with about 40.000 and get KJs and blinds are 1000/2000, don’t remember if there were antes. The HJ goes all-in for 10.000 and I call and then BB goes all-in for 22.000 and I think a while before I call. HJ has

End of summer

What´s up everyone!

After a long summer without updating the blog, I think it is about time to write a bit. Those of you who live on Costa del Sol, know exactly how the summers are here, sun, beach, beach restaurants, town fairs and more town fairs, which means that there is little time for writing and poker, it is the time of year where play least poker and if we include the time I spend working (in turism( well… Even so I have played a couple of live tournaments the last couple of months and here is how they went:

-CEP in Málaga: I started the table with Sergio Pardo, Andrei Vlachenko (two local regulars) and Helena (crupier from Marbella); the level of the rest of the players was pretty low and I managed to increase mi stack by playing a lot of small pots which did not go to show down. After getting moved to a new table a couple of times, I was put at a table with a lot of the local old timers also regulars (Nigel Goldman, Garry Collins, Paul and Cashman) where mi stack took a hit even though I played very few hands. I was moved to another table and here is where I played

Denmark – The New Vegas?

Neon signs may not be neither as bright nor as strong, but financially strong providers of gambling will flock to Copenhagen, like they once did to the gambling capital of the world Las Vegas. Sources tells that’s the words from the international gaming industry, who exults over “Europe’s top gaming law”, which comes into force on 1 January 2012.

The newly formed industry association Danish Gaming Association expects that 25-30 companies will apply for a license to offer sports betting, poker and casino on the Internet. What we’ve seen in Las Vegas with physical play, will soon happen online in Copenhagen. Each company will have its own staff in Denmark for strategic reasons.

In 2008 the Danes played for $25 billion. The industry estimates that more will

Poker players fleeing from USA

More and more pokerplayers seem to pack up their stuff and move from USA to Europe, Canada and South America. This is a direct result of Black Friday where 3 of the big poker rooms forced not to operate in the US.

Since then the Americans have moved to different locations around the world and several have moved to Malta who the last years has been known for the liberalized view on poker. These poker players have moved

A German State Legalize Online Poker

In Germany there is 16 different states or Bundesländen and now one of them – Schleswig-Holstein has passed legislation to regulate and legalize online poker and other gambling in that state. This is a much anticipated move from the state and hopfully more of the German States will follow in the nearest future.

Several pokerrooms and persons within the gambling industry sees this legislation as a very welcome legislation and it is a big step towards creating an open and responsible gambling market in Germany starting with Schleswig-Holstein.

It means that in short time pokerrooms can apply for a license to offer gambling product as online poker in Schleswig-Holstein. Also betting exchange, sportsbooks and casino games are also

New Freerolls in October and we are getting ready to reload 21st-23rd of September.

Get your accounts ready because it is time to reload. On the 21st of September at 13.00 CET you can begin your reloads and it does not end untill the 23rd of September. Use the bonus code: sepreload11 to get a 50% bonus up to $250 when you deposit minimum $50. The bonus expires in two months.

Play our new FPP Freerolls

If you accumulate more than 500 FPPs in September you can participate in our $500 Freeroll and if you accumulate more than 100 FPPs you can participate in our $100 Freeroll. But if you accumulate between 250 and 500 FPPs, then you can also participate in the satellite for the $500 Freeroll. The October tournaments are played on the 1st and 2nd of October, you can see them in the Freeroll lobby.

Cash Game and other tournaments in Las Vegas

While we were in Las Vegas I also played a couple of other tournaments and some cash.

M resport and Casino (highly recommended)

We played a small tournament at M, which is a very nice casino. It is just outside of Las Vegas, but definitely worth the drive. The buffet is REALLY good, I would say it is even better than the buffet at the Rio and it is cheaper. This place was recommended by a taxi driver. I guess you have to get these tips from the locals.

I did not play at the cash table, but one of my friends did and he said it was the softest game he had seen in Las Vegas. It is not very often you hear the dealer say “10 players to the flop”. The tournament was only a $70 entry ($1000 GTD), with the option of re-entry (not re-buy). The structure was quite good for such a low buy-in tournament. I believe about 30 players entered the tournament, including re-entries. All the tables had automatic shufflers, which speeds up the game a lot, so even if the structure is a bit faster than other tournaments, you play just as many or more hands per hour.

Many of the players seemed to be locals, as they knew

Laughlin the mini Las Vegas (a story about incompetent staff at the poker room)

During our stay in Las Vegas we decided to take a trip to a town called Laughlin, which we thought was something like Las Vegas only smaller. It turned out it was a lot smaller and consisted of 9 hotels next to each other by the river and one hotel located a bit further away. I am sure there must be some residential areas close by, but we just didn’t see them. There is also a small outlet with a couple of shops and a couple of restaurants, but that is about it. I guess you have to go across the river to Bullhead City to find some more activities, we did not go so I do not know what to find there.

The location is very nice right on the Colorado River and very close to Lake Mead, but you need a car because if you are staying more than one day you want to be able to drive around to some of the sites nearby. Actually I do not know how you

I win the 5th annual Binion´s poker classic 2011 – Event 43

Going to Las Vegas I had decided that there was one place I wanted to go play a tournament and this was at Binion´s Gambling Hall and Casino. This is one of the older casinos in Las Vegas and in my opinion one of the most legendary, especially from a poker players point of view. The Casino first opened in 1951 as the Horseshoe Club and in 1988 when the Mint Hotel was added to the property and turned into the Binion´s Gambling Hall and Casino as we know it today.


This is the place where the World Series of Poker was born. It started in 1970 and a game between 10 friends and has turned into the event it is today. This is why this is a legendary casino to poker players and I encourage you all to